Charles Mack Memorial Scholarship for Returning Adults

Scholarship for tuition, fees, and books awarded to a student who is returning to school at least two years following high school or who recently completed a GED program (Age 20 or older). Students must be enrolled in a minimum of one class at Richland Community College. Students must not be receiving traditional forms of federal and state financial aid to qualify for the scholarship. Preference may be given to older vets who have been injured or disabled in the course of their service and have special financial needs. No minimum GPA for initial applicants and scholarship may be renewable if the student achieves a minimum C average (good academic standing) in classes completed during the semester of the first award. Some exceptions to this minimum GPA may be considered if the Foundation representative, in consultation with academic personnel, determines that the student is making good academic progress and is expected to bring the GPA up to the minimum in the second semester.